Round-Up 2019

Toivotamme kaikki tervetulleiksi Nordic Packraft -kokoontumiseen Ruotsin Särnaan. Kokoontuminen järjestetään Österdal-joessa 23.- 26.5.2019. Osallistuminen on kaikille avoin ja maksuton. Lukekaa huolella alla oleva englanninkielinen teksti käytössäännöistä.

Tarkemmat tiedot tapahtumajärjestäjän sivuilta.

Nähdään Särnassa!

In English

Quoted text from Swedish Packrafting Association (Event on Facebook):

”The details surrounding the round up are coming together and we are very excited to share a preliminary schedule with you plus some info about our position of retailers attending the event. Also please take the time to read the last part with the code of conduct that we expect from everyone that attends the event to act by. See you in Särna!


Thursday around 17.00 people start to arrive at the camp spot. It’s located by Österdalälven, about 20km upstream Särna. There are some easy rapids close to the camp ground to play around in as a warmup during the evening.
Friday 09.00 The event starts with a meeting and presentation. After that we all take part in a whitewater rescue course. Around 12.00 people form groups and drive to different locations to paddle. In the evening retailers shows boats and equipment for those that are interested
Saturday 09.00 people form groups and drive to different locations to paddle
In the evening there will be a workshop about planning longer, self-supported, trips and after that we plan on having either have a movie night or some sort of social activity.
Sunday 09.00 people form groups and drive to different locations to paddle (a shorter session)
13.30 meeting. The event is over after this.


Retailers are welcome to show and sell their stuff Friday evening for a fee. We haven’t decided on a specific number yet but we are thinking along the lines that it should be used for the camping fees for the participants during the event and such. The rest of the time retailers are very welcome to take part of the event as fellow paddlers. Retailers interested in selling stuff are welcome to message the SPA for more details.

Code of conduct

This is an event were sexism, racism and other kind of undesired behavior is not welcome. If anyone experiences problems with repeated undesired attention from other paddlers or other problems please contact the SPA crew so that we can help sort this out and possible ask the person responsible to leave the event.”


On the map

More detailed information about the event on Swedish Packrafting Association’s website